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This segment of our website details everything you need to know in the preparation  of your marriage within the Rites  of the Catholic Church

in the Parish of St John Vianney, Morisset. 

We ask that you read this carefully so you will understand what is involved in being married at either St John Vianney’s Morisset or

St Patrick and St Brigid’s Cooranbong .

Marriage Policy and Booking Form

What do you need to do?

Book the church: Set date and time of wedding with the Parish Office. Book your Celebrant. Either your own, or, if necessary check with the parish office on your options for a Priest or Deacon from the area. 


At first contact, you will be asked a few basic questions to fulfill requirements

  • At least one of you must be Catholic.

  • Both parties must be free to marry in the eyes of both the Church and Civil Authorities. [If there are concerns consult with the priest or Deacon who can advise you.]


If after consultation you wish to carry on with the wedding arrangements in our church you will need to fill out the booking form in the Marriage Policy and lodge it together with your fees as outlined in the Marriage Policy. 

There is a Notification of Intended Marriage Form that must be completed and given to the intended celebrant at least one month and one day prior to the wedding.  (This is a Commonwealth requirement and if the date of the wedding is less than one month and one-day time frame then the permission of a Magistrate is needed). 


You will also need to make an appointment to meet with your proposed Celebrant at least 3 months prior to the date of the wedding. 

You will also need to gather other documents such as a "Full Birth Certificate", and  a "Certificate of Baptism" that has been issued no more than 6 months ago. A full list of documents you will need are in the Marriage Policy document.



If you live outside the Parish:

Please contact the priest or deacon who will be the celebrant at your wedding.  This gives him the opportunity to do the required paperwork and recommended marriage preparation.
If you are marrying a non-catholic, and you do not live in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle, the priest or deacon must seek either permission for a mixed marriage, or dispensation when one of the parties is not baptised, from the bishop of your diocese.  The bishop will then send the completed form to the priest or deacon Celebrant.

If You Are Providing Your Own Priest Or Deacon:

If your celebrant is not of the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese,  he must complete the following procedures:


  • He needs to contact the Chancery for permission to conduct the marriage in this area.

  • Under the new State Child Protection laws, he must have had a police check before the marriage takes place. It is the Celebrant’s responsibility to contact the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle Chancery, 02 4979 1111 and arrange for this check. The authorisation of clearance will be kept with the paperwork of the marriage in the parish where the marriage takes place.

Marriage Preparation:

It is recommended that each couple attend a marriage preparation course. Marriage, like any other life choice, needs to be something that is prepared for.  It is also a requirement of the government that some form of marriage preparation be provided.  On the whole, engaged couples find these courses enjoyable and helpful.  They are designed to provide you with some valuable insights into your relationships, some skills to help you become better spouses for each other. 

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle has Marriage and Relationship Education Programs which can be considered at the following website: Getting Married | Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle

The Marriage Resource Centre also has Marriage and Relationship Education Programs called Smartloving and includes online courses which can be considered also at the following website:

Use of Music and Copyright:

The choice of music for your wedding ceremony is very important.  It needs to be remembered that this is also a “Religious Ceremony”. 

  • Payment of musicians is the responsibility of the couple.

  • If CD’s are used- they need to be originals and not copies.

  • If a PowerPoint presentation is used the music is not to be embedded- this breaches copyright and is not allowed.

  • If music is being printed in the booklet, relevant acknowledgement of copyright must be made and parish licence numbers must be included. Please contact the parish office for more details.

  • Any graphics and photos must also be acknowledged.

  • Use of Videos- if a video is to be made, especially if you are using a recording or recording a musical event, then you will need a single special video licence.  This licence allows for the recording of an event, as long as it is only played at a private domestic screening.  If you have a professional video person engaged he/she should already have a licence.  However it is something you need to check.

Flowers & House Keeping

Flowers are the responsibility of the couple.  You may wish to have your florist bring arrangements to the church and this will need to be organised with the parish office.


Confetti, rose petals or rice- we ask that you refrain from using either as it is very difficult to clean up.

Furniture is considered as fixed. Please do not rearrange seating.

Photographs- Please liaise with your celebrant on when and where photos may be taken.

Wedding Certificate:

The marriage certificate that is provided for you on the day of your marriage is not a document that can be used for purposes of identification when changing your name at government agencies.  This is a new change in the law and you will require a copy from the Director of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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